You have Two Options

Commission Split
Flat Rate

In case you missed it, the Future if Bright for GeoTargeted Ads.

Commission Split

You do your Billing: You Earn 50% of the revenue generated.
We do your Billing: You Earn 40% of the revenue generated.

We give you 5 SPOTS for free to use any way you see fit. You merely let us know Business A or Business B is getting one of your free ones, or you are using them for your promotions.

We give you unlimited free SPOTS for accounts that will get lots of app users, i.e. Schools, Churches, Chambers of Commerce, Golf Courses, Apartment Complexes. (We have mini-presentations on each of these.)

We settle up monthly

Communication is the key. You will have your master account and can add accounts as needed. 

The 15th of the month on revenue Received.
If you do the billing, you send us our share after you collect.
If we do the billing, we send it to you after we receive it.

App Downloads

The reason you get the free SPOTS is we need app downloads and by giving these organizations a cool way to communicate and update, they drive the downloads to their member base.

No Monthly Fees

  • We cover everything
  • Your website, presentation materials, literatureCovered
  • Sunday 9.30-15.00

Flat Rate

You pay $15 flat rate per SPOT at the beginning of the period.
(This doesn't kick in till AFTER the customer free trial.)
Once you reach 100 paid SPOTS, your rate drops to $10 flat rate on all SPOTS.
Consider this: After you have 100 Paid SPOTS out there, you are making 66% on everything and still 50% on a Pro account with 10 spots.

You do your own billing.

You still get the Free spots for organizations like schools, etc. mentioned above, as well as your additional 5 Free SPOTS.


Starting out

Many Resellers start out on the commission split and later switch to the Flat Rate.
If you intend to do this, you must do your own billing.


Change Over

This change over needs to occur on a regularly scheduled billing cycle.



The key to making this business function is Communication. Let's just keep each other informed of everything happening.

Note about Territories.
By Law we cannot offer exclusive territories. According to the States Attorney Generals, the only way to do that is through a Franchise which would require well over $250,000 in legal fees to set up in the individual states and would also require a substantial investment on the part of each Partner.

Direct the Business to You. 
We understand that the best way to make this business work is to have individual representatives in the local area. When we get an inquiry from a business owner we immediately direct that to you.
If we get an inquiry regarding a Reseller we again immediately direct that inquiry to you.

No Hidden Fees...EVER

  • There are No Charges or Fees for our product.
    The only fees are for the # of SPOTS you have and as outlined above.
  • We cover the costs for your website and online presence.
    We even cover the hosting.
  • We supply downloadable promotion material customized to you.
    You just download and print.
  • You get a Master Account for adding your businesses.
    You can even create Sub Accounts for your clients or sales personnel.

Let's Work Together

The Goal is for YOU to control your Market.

We have the System.
We have the Tools.
You don't worry about coding or programming, we have it covered.
Let's get you set up with your Free Replicated Website so you can begin to market.

90% of folks use their Phones to find Local Businesses

The SmartPhone is changing not only how we Communicate but how we do Business.
We have Two Videos just below in the Red Links.

Next Big Thing, C/NET

Unless you have been living under a Rock you have already figured this out.
Your Prospects and Customers will download our app because it makes their Smartphone even Smarter.
It allows them to find local deals, have a Much Better shopping experience, and all while Maintaining Control.
Even C/NET has an opinion.

See a GeoFence in Action

You saw the GeoFence previously, now watch a real life example.
But we go beyond just engaging them.
What if when your Spanish customer engaged your business, it was on their phone in THEIR LANGUAGE?
We are in English and Spanish and adding the second language is simple.


Every Account gets our proprietary analytics system as part of their subscription.
How cool would it be to be able to log into your account and see what's working, what isn't and make changes in Real Time?

Here is something you probably didn't know. A Properly Implemented System that complies with the Google Rules of Engagement will do More for your Search Engine Rankings than all the self-proclaimed SEO experts in the World.

You are sharp, figure it out for yourself. Why do you think Google keeps coming out with all their Algorithm changes? To thwart those SEO guys.

We have an entire section on this,

If you aren't quite ready to take the Next Step...

Perhaps you need to Meet your Customer.


Time to join the
21st Century

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